Catching Up with CBRE/ESI’s Paul Oswald at RealComm|IBcon

Thanks to the team at RealComm|IBcon for letting us fill in on Conference Live. In this video we had the chance to catch up with one of our favorite people CBRE/ESI’s Paul Oswald. We love talking to Paul because of his experience as one of the premier master systems integrators in Smart Building controls.

Best advice to owners on how to deal with a “horribly broke” new construction process, how to think about ” new cost versus life cycle cost” and how to measure productivity are just a few of the insights Paul shares.

Paul was one of the first people I heard use the phrase “tribal knowledge leaving the building”.
Hear how he attracts talent, and creates continuous learning programs to reduce on boarding time.

If that is not enough, for systems integrators, Paul explains the “right kind of conversation” to have with your clients.

In an age of deployed data analytics, what percent of calls are still hot/cold calls? The answer will surprise you as it did us! You are going to have to watch the video to find out the answer.

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