EasyIO The Ultimate mini Wi-Fi Controller that Opens up a Wealth of New Opportunities

The ultimate mini Wi-Fi controller that opens up a wealth of new opportunities for you. That’s what the new EasyIO FT-04 controller is going to be all about. In this newsletter we share the preliminary datasheet and a few benefits of the FT-04 with you, so you get to know more about it’s features and capabilities.

But we have some more exciting news to share with you all. The topics in this newsletter are:

EasyIO FT-04 benefits
Introducing Robert Swann
SystemView tablets, great for your BEMS
EasyIO’s Gina Elliott on Woman of the Channel list
Globacontrol EasyIO distributor in Spain

The EasyIO FT-04

The EasyIO FT-04 is the first of the FT-series, with the next products already under development. We have designed a product line of high performance, small form factor controllers, specifically designed to deliver applications that historically were difficult to achieve. If we outlined all the benefits of the product range here then this document would be triple the length, so we are just giving you a taste in this newsletter. The preliminary datasheet is also available for download below.

Some of the highlight benefits of the FT-04:

It is a Wi-Fi controller and is a perfect fit with our FW-series. A great application would be in buildings where wiring is difficult and it will deliver you a saving on wiring and labour costs.

It’s a Sedona controller so it can be programmed with the free to use and non licenced EasyIO CPT Tools.

It has four I/O and and can be configured to suit your needs and match your application. This allows you to cost effectively design your solution and limit wasted I/O from over speccing with a larger controller.

It can help you to get insight in the performance of your building, because it’s able to collect data and send it to the cloud or a server. Analysing this data and making the right decisions after will help optimise your building performance and save on energy.

It supports multiple protocols so it is easy to integrate existing devices into your BEMS and expand the current functionality to include elements or areas that you have historically ignored, or even potentially integrate your energy metering into your BEMS.

It will save you on installation and engineering costs because it is adaptable, flexible and integrates simply.

If you have any queries regarding the FT-04, please forward them to support@easyio.eu.
Download the FT-04 datasheet

Robert Swann joins EasyIO

We are happy to announce that due to the growth and success of our partners and solutions in the UK market we are appointing Robert Swann as the new UK General Manager. This is the first step in an exciting plan that will see us grow the team in the UK, establish our first offices in the country and follows on from the setup of EasyIO Europe Ltd, our UK arm.
Robert’s role at EasyIO Europe will encompass two streams. The first is to continue building strong relationships and creating a fantastic opportunity pipeline in the UK, establish offices and bring in the right people to match the culture and ethos of our business. The second role is to create the international business development approach, tailor plans to each region and implement the strategy.

“Joining EasyIO is all about the team that I will be a part of, the ethics and ethos that is embedded in that team, and the major fact that the energy and enthusiasm for challenging the norms of a highly established static industry is at the core of each member of the organisation”, Robert explains. Read more…

SystemView tablets, great for your BEMS

The SystemView Android tablets we offer are a perfect addition to your BEMS. They are available in 7″ and 10″ and because of their slim and sleek design they are ideal to mount in panels and cabinets.

The tablets have Wi-Fi and Ethernet which supplies the benefit of easily connecting them to your network. They are also equipped with powerful computer processing and thus provide a smooth and high performance experience. And because of their large, full colour, clear touch screen, the SystemViews can be used to display graphics from a web server and are perfect to monitor your building performance, designed to deliver you the outputs you need. Go check them out on our website.

EasyIO’s Gina Elliott on Woman of the Channel list

CRN, a brand of The Channel Company, has named EasyIO VP of Americas, Gina Elliott, to its prestigious 2018 Women of the Channel list. The executives are recognized for their outstanding leadership, vision and unique role in driving channel growth and innovation. CRN editors select the Women of the Channel honorees based on their professional accomplishments, demonstrated expertise and ongoing dedication to the IT channel.

Globacontrol EasyIO distributor in Spain

Meet Globacontrol, a new EasyIO distributor in Spain. We welcome them to the EasyIO community and look forward to a successful partnership. www.globacontrol.com

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