Inaugural Episode of BAS Control Pub Talk with Mad Mike Marston

We affectionately refer to EasyIO’s Mike Marston — as Mad Mike Marston, because of his effervescent scientific approach towards building solutions. In the first relaxing hours after an intensive 2-day conference show, ControlTrends adjourned with Mike, to a near-by microbrewery restaurant, where after the first pour, Mike asks, “Do you want to see a fabulous AHU application?” Instant presto, Mike reaches into his brief case, pulls out a battery, a router, a wall unit, and an FG-32+ and two minutes later, Mike is connected to an FG-32+ — and the demo begins, and BAS Control Pub Talk with Mike Marston is born. The next episode is about a microbrewery application from an integration firm out of Spokane, Washington. The FG-32+ is a growing part of the future — Watch the next episode of BAS Control Pub Talk with Mad Mike Marston, and see why!

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 9.11.59 PMP.S. Mike sent us this from Dubai. We believe he’s working on another BAS Control Pub Talk with Mike Marston, from Dubai?

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One Response

  1. Fantatstic product. It would go very well in the HVAC industry. Every time we look arround for a better and dependable product we fail to get one !!! As now Mike puts it that it is very well designed and simple product and as he says in the interveiw and very aptly put it, a little knoweldge of Controls can do the trick!!! Great Mike Congrats, WELL DONE and Good Luck.

    With Best Wishes,


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