Lynxspring Announces New Project Haystack Initiatives

Lynxspring_enews-700COLORADO SPRINGS, CO. May, 2015 Lynxspring, a premier developer and provider of IoT solutions for building automation, energy management, cyber protection, and device-to-enterprise integration today announced two Project- Haystack inititaves at Haystack Connect 2015 conference.

The NodeHaystack has been developed to take advantage of the Node.js® platform and all of its benefits. NodeHaystack provides a fully scalable, fast server interface, for anyone wishing to implement a Haystack server of their own. In addition, because it is written in JavaScript, this technology can be used in the browser itself to connect to other Project Haystack implementations and build rich web UIs remotely, off the Haystack server. NodeHaystack is a direct port of Haystack Java Toolkit, and provides all of the functionality of the de-facto standard for Project Haystack server development. In addition to the core functionality, Lynxspring has added the ability to accept JSON encoded input, instead of ZINC, to aid in the development of pure JavaScript environments.

Also announced, was a BACnet -Haystack Data Pump which serves as a gateway that brings BACnet points and data in a secured environment up to Project Haystack clients and applies Haystack tags to distribute up to building and energy management applications.

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Marc Petock
Vice President, Marketing

Lynxspring, Inc.
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