Real CyberSecurity Solutions — Intelligent Buildings’ Tom Shircliff at Realcomm|IBcon 2019

Intelligent Buildings has your CyberSecurity Solution!

Since the 1980s, building control systems manufacturers such as Johnson Controls, Honeywell, Siemens, Schneider, Otis, Lutron and others have been designing their operational technology (OT) systems to work on and depend on computer servers, operating systems, protocols, local area networking (LAN) and remote Internet access along with other information technology (IT) attributes.

However, those responsible for designing, installing and maintaining them for the past 40 years such as architects, engi­neers, contractors, facility managers, property managers, and asset managers have neither IT nor cybersecurity skills. Thus, the systemic risk is that the entire building control systems value chain does not have IT skill sets. Therefore, the size of the risk and the opportunity is immense because this is a legacy building stock problem and not a modern, so-called Smart Building problem.

Our focus is solely on Smart Building management consulting and managed services at scale.

We simplify the process, guide decisions, and monitor risks.

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