Contemporary Controls Video: Understanding EIA-485: Connectors, Grounding and Protection

Contemporary Controls Contemporary Controls Update:


EIPR-E Skorpion IP Router Goes Wireless:
We have added a wireless option to the EIPR-E Skorpion IP Router making the automation firewall/router even more useful plus the USB port is available at no price increase. The new EIPR-E wireless router will be released in August.

PoE Splitter Provides 24 VDC Output:
PoE is an efficient and convenient solution for remote applications where available space is limited and/or no power source is readily available. Our EIPE-2 Splitter provides an innovative and cost effective solution to a variety of Ethernet devices that are not PoE compliant.

BASgatewayLX Simplifies Custom Profile Building:
For those individuals interested in developing custom device profiles for the BASgatewayLX, we have improved the process with our newest version (1.2.0.) of the BASgatewayLX which has enhanced custom profile capabilities.

BASgatewayLX Firmware Update Issued in Response to Java 7u25:
We have released firmware 1.1.11 in response to Oracle’s latest Java 7u25 upgrade for web browsers. Using firmware prior to 1.1.11 with the latest Java upgrade, users may experience unwarranted errors when configuring the BASgatewayLX. Users who have not updated their web browsers to Java 7u25 will not experience these issues with the BASgatewayLX and do not need to upgrade their firmware. Users who do not plan to make configuration changes to their BASgatewayLX do not need to upgrade their firmware.

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