Enlightened Consulting Engineers Part 2 — James M. Burtch at the 2016 Niagara Summit

ControlTrends had the opportunity to interview James M. Burtch, a young, up-and-coming Energy Sustainability Consultant. Actually, it’s James M. Burtch, C.R.M., C.D.S.M., C.B.C.P., C.L.E.P., C.E.M., and Honeywell EEO Certified. As evidenced by the host of certification designations following his name, Jim has dedicated much of his professional career pursuing and obtaining the professional expertise that enables him to write enlightened building automation systems specifications that ensure owners gets what they want and that the contractors meet the specification. Jim believes that data analytics will continue to grow in significance and value as it becomes easier to access and filter for effect. As principal and owner of Interactive Energy, LLC, Jim specializes in new and retrofit building automation system projects with emphasis on energy sustainability. Located in Marion, Ohio, Interactive Energy, LLC services several national accounts.

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