Episode 370 ControlTalk Now: Master Systems Integrator Talk

Catching Up With One of the Best Master Systems Integrators...

Stephen Johnson, from super systems integrator, McKenney’s and Stromquist & Company’s Rob Allen join me on ControlTalk Now.

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Join KMC Controls for our Lessons Learned From Industry Leaders webinar series. Each week, we’ll be joined by our trusted partners to discuss topics impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. 

In the final week of the series, KMC Controls’ CEO Richard Newberry is joined by Todd Barnhart, President of Gardiner; Drew Harrison, Vice President of Operations at Harrison Energy Partners; and Nathan Kehr, Vykon Channel Sales Director at Tridium, to discuss just what lessons grew from COVID-19. What worked, and what didn’t? How do we proceed from here and prepare for the future? And, as always, we’ll offer plenty of time for questions.    

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