How Savvy Systems Integrators, Property Owners, and Police Departments WILL use Drones!

ControlTrends caught up with AJ Jolivette from Terosaur at the 2014 IBCON show. In addition to finding the coolest toy ever to add to our wish list, we also discovered some innovative ways to make buildings safer and easier to maintain. As Terosaur gains more visibility and acceptance, it seems very likely that we will see drones soon perform very important and practical applications not only — in and around the building space, but “drone-assistance” will become an indispensable asset for every police and fire department; every security company; every college and corporate campus; parks and recreation facilities; ski resorts, golf courses… the uses for this technology and the future possibilities for Terosaur are unlimited — so, be sure to check AJ out at Terosaur and tell him ControlTrends sent you!

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