How to Reduce Your BACnet Troubleshooting Time by 100x

As I am fond of telling my three year old daughter, when she refuses to go to brush her teeth, “We can do this the easy way or the hard way.” The easy way is you brush your teeth, the hard way is you brush your teeth after a time out. The hard way takes way more time and way more effort. Until Opitgo introduced their really cool new product, there was only one way to troubleshoot a BACnet problem, the hard way.

But, thanks to their Visual BACnet Solution, you now have an easy way to troubleshoot BACnet problems on your Smart Building Controls network. Visual BACnet is not just easy, it is super easy. One glance at the yellow, green, or red button let’s you know right away about the health of your network, and the easy diagnostic tools help you pin point the problem areas in your BACnet communication stream. In this video Opitgo’s CEO Pook-Ping Yao shows us how Visual BACnet works.

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