Innovative New Products From EASY IO Hitting The Streets

The team at Easy IO are upping their game …. again.

Easy IO is introducing three new products.

According to Johan Schakenroad, “as the most innovative manufacturer in our industry we have developed some new product groups and extended some others to give you greater options with our solutions. All the new products are going through Beta Testing at the moment and will be available the next few weeks, and they have been designed to support your applications, grow your business with us and give you some additional design considerations for those next projects. “

So where do these products fit and what needs do they address for the smart building and master systems controls integrator?

Johan, the President and CEO of Easy IO Europe, explains :

“All these new products will open more doors for you, give you the best cost per performance solution out there, and fill some of the gaps in the industry that have existed for some time. We are convinced that the FW28 with extended I/O versus its sister products and all the embedded features of the award winning FW series including onboard IT and IoT standards is the answer to your customers demands on higher performance standards and increased security.
The FS20 supplies a supremely cost effective solution for high performance functionality, with new features that are also now brought to the FS32 includingVPN, MQTT and other IT standards support. A smaller footprint offering with all the performance characteristics of the FS32 delivers greater flexibility for you in systems and panel design, and also provides comprehensive IT and IoT support and secure integration.
The much awaited release of the FT series is almost with us, the first version of the product being available in this Beta Test and new release plan. The first release is just that, and plans for future waves of solutions in this product series will be advertised and shared with you in the next months.”

Congratulations to Johan and the team at Easy IO, we will keep you updated as these exciting new products come out of BETA  and become available for purchase.

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