Is Your Building Automation System an Open Door To Hackers?

If you have been following Controltrends, you know we have been sounding the alarm about the current trend of building automation systems being hacked and the problems caused by these intrusions.

I had the good fortune to meet and interview Cylance Inc.’s Terry McCorkle at IBcon 2013.We discussed building management systems exposures and some of the things that Cylance is working on in order to help promote awareness of the vulnerabilities that exist. We also talk about Cylance’s partnership with McKenneys and the training that they are co-developing to promote cybersecurity.

More information can be found at Training information can be found on the McKenney’s Business Intelligence (BI) for Buildings site at You can also check out Cylance and McKenney’s Inc. at the BlackHat “Day Of Disclousure” event July 31 in Las Vegas. Click here for more information.

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