Rob Allen’s 7 Minutes in Control: The New Honeywell AX Compatibility Checker Tool

Honeywell Hits a Home Run with the New WEBs-AX Compatibility Checker.

Software version management can be a challenging task. The level of challenge magnifies exponentially when the number of software varieties increases and inter-dependency exists among them. WEBs-AX Compatibility Checker is an add-on tool that helps users to discover the multiple versions of software components or tools for a given AX system, and compatibility between them. WEBs-AX folks need to watch this episode of Rob Allen’s 7 minutes in Control!

Compatibility Checker software has the following built-in utilities:
Latest Release Finder: This utility helps you to find the latest and greatest released software components and tools.
Version Finder: This utility helps you to find the complete list of supported Spyder Tool, Sylk devices, Venom Tool, and Library versions.
Compatibility Checker: This utility helps you to verify the internal compatibility of a given AX system.
Spyder Modules Finder: This utility helps you to find the software modules information (JAR files with versions) for WEBs Spyders.
Automatic Updates: This tool will automatically check for updates to the compatibility information once a month and if an update exists, it will pull down the latest information and update it for you.

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