Systems Integrator Alert: Automation Integrated Introduces GLIFF, the FREE On-line Back-up Service for Niagara and the New Service Contract-Maker, BLUEFORGE

ai_solutions Jeff Houpt and Chris Farve lead one of the most progressive and formidable master systems integration support services in the country. Automated Integration can radically increase your ability to sell service contracts and generate recurring revenue through the disruptive times ahead — with their next-gen asset management system BLUEFORGE. Wireless technology, in particular, will continuously reduce the number of DDC controllers and the network cabling that HVAC professionals rely on for revenue. It’s time to shift your focus to AI’s new BLUEFORGE tool-set technology that documents the status of working systems, inspections, and maintenance agreements — featuring photographic tracking of equipment status and performance. Sign up for GLIFF, your free online Niagara back-up service, now.

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