TridiumTalk Developer Series: Improve UI Experience with UxMedia

Developer Series: Improve UI Experience with UxMedia

Tridium is excited to bring you the next TridiumTalk in our series of webinars exclusively tailored to support the Niagara Developer Community. The Developer Series primarily focuses on addressing common challenges, as well as providing tips and best practices to enable a more efficient workflow for developers building new solutions on top of Niagara Framework®.

This TridiumTalk will explore the new UxMedia framework introduced in Niagara 4.10. Px pages built with UxMedia are faster, reduce the load on the JACE, and enable the use of native web browser features for both a better user experience and a better developer experience.

In this TridiumTalk you will learn how UxMedia works, how to convert existing Px pages to UxMedia, and how to use the UxMedia APIs in custom UI components.

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August 5, 2021
11:00 a.m. Eastern Time (New York, UTC-05:00)

Sr. Product Owner Chris Riccobono, Lead Software Engineer Blake Puhak, and Senior Advanced Software Engineer Logan Byam will provide an in-depth, technical dive on how to code with UxMedia. They will cover the new APIs that allow you to take advantage of UxMedia. 

Through this demonstration, participants will learn how to convert existing Px pages to UxMedia, as well as how to code custom UI components to take full advantage of the UxMedia APIs.

Be sure to register today to attend this TridiumTalk to learn more about how you can improve UI experience with UxMedia. A Q&A sessions follows.

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