Using Data to Create Optimized Buildings: Catching up with Bueno Systems

I had a chance to catch up with Leon Wurfel managing director, Bueno Systems, at the 2017 RealComm/IBcon conference. Leon and his team are masters at gathering and using data to optimize smart buildings performance. In this video Leon shares his knowledge about smart building control and Bueno’s approach to making data actionable.

BUENO are the Australian leader in data and information driven operational property services. We deliver superior data related and technology driven services based on fault detection, optimisation and business intelligence that simplify our clients’ operations and enhance their effectiveness across all building sectors and building information systems.

Sustainability is a new and immature industry and is missing many systems that other industries use to automate and improve outcomes. Our goal is to accelerate the proliferation of new systems and ideas throughout the property and sustainability industries.


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  1. the background noise is almost overwhelming. Is it possible to filter that out or significantly reduce its share of the audio?

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