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We saw the original “Young Gun”, Alper Üzmezler, managing partner and chief innovator at BASSG Graphics, showed us his new Edge controller at the 2016 Niagara Summit Product showcase. Alper, never one to sit still, has made some improvements since New Orleans. His Edge controller packs a powerful punch. Among other things it includes: Visualytik (HTML5 drag and drop visualization engine with block programming), EAC Engine (Optimization engine in which it will consume live, historical and analytics data and write to real-time controls), Analytics Engine, and a Sedona Realtime control engine. One of the themes of the 2016 Summit was “Edge to Enterprise” and BASSG is clearly providing an elegant way to play on the Edge. Founded in 2004, BASSG has been an innovator in Building Automation Technology and BAS Analytics delivery that reduce implementation and facility management energy costs.

Through in-house developed easy-to-deploy, multi-system software tools, BASSG branded OEM products and multiple distributorships, BASSG can be a one-stop provider for everything BAS at unbeatable value, significantly lowering implementation and maintenance costs. So, why is this controller so relevant and the edge so important? Some of the main reasons are speed, cost , and security. You eliminate the cost of storing data in the cloud, you reduce the possibility of data being hacked, and because the data is closer to equipment being controlled, your processes can move faster. But why ask me? Alper is just a phone call or email away so check him out.


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