Episode 374 ControlTalk NOW Features Distech’s Tech Support and Training Guru, Sam Sharma, and our Industry’s Pillar of Trust, Automated Buildings’ Ken Sinclair

Check out Distech's Sam Sharma and HVAC Controls Fundamentals Workshops (1.5 CEUs for PEs) and Industry oracle Ken Sinclair conceptualizes our industry's most important currency, TRUST.

"At Distech, we're innovating every quarter. We are listening to our customers and what they need -- and at the same time, trying to be at the cutting edge of what's needed in the industry." Sam Sharma, Director of Technical Support and Training, Distech Controls

A lot of Distech’s customers were stuck at home or in their offices during the COVID downtime and Distech took full advantage of that opportunity.  “We brought the trainers to the virtual world and where they are live instructing — with all of their training cases back at headquarters available and where our entire training and technical support teams come together.  So, within a month, we’re up and running with a virtual environment.” Sam Sharma

The importance of building Communities of Trust cannot be over-emphasized.  We already have many:  BACnet, Niagara Framework, Project Haystack, and ASHRAE. But, we are just beginning.  “Trust is the new currency, a new commodity we need to create to embrace our remote renaissance.” Don’t miss Monday Live! dedicated to Uncovering the new normal in Smart Building, which airs 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM EST.

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Distech Controls Marketing: Become an HVAC Ninja!

Join our workshops every Tuesday and Thursday starting on August 11th. We also have a bonus for you! These workshops were recently approved by the State of New York to qualify for 1.5 continuing education credits for Professional Engineers! 

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