How Intel is Influencing the way we do Smart Buildings

If you want to see how you might be doing smart buildings in the future, look at what Intel is doing using IOT strategies now…. once Pandora’s box is open…

As human beings we like consistency …..”if it’s not broke ” …. and other adages that pass as wisdom, influence us whether we like it or not. This kind of thinking will get you killed in today’s smart buildings controls market. We have been doing building automation controls since the death of pneumatic controls. We know what works — and we don’t mess around with what works… because it works!

Unfortunately, not only is there more than one way for things to work, there might even a better way that does not involve a JACE or the control systems that we know and love… hell, it might not even involve us.

This video was made over two years ago, and Intel and the players in Silicon Valley have not been standing still. If this does not serve as a wake up call to the new realities of smart buildings and smart building controls, then I don’t know what will.

So, wake up, smell the coffee, and get busy figuring out how you are going to play in the Smart Buildings future being created by companies like Intel, Cisco , and Google.


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  1. There is no doubt that other players and other platforms will emerge as technology evolves and this Tatung device is impressive sounding although a quick Google search didn’t show any places to buy it or get a quote. Controls techs and integrators however, will always have a role in getting equipment and systems working right and integrated well to some UI- even if it isn’t on the Tridium platform!

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