Day One Honeywell EEO Training: A Word with Mark Jewell

One of the advantages of being a Honeywell Systems Distributor or Honeywell Systems Integrator is the ability to attend a Honeywell EEO ( Energy Efficiency Optimization) training course. One of the great parts of this course is spending a day being trained by Mark Jewell. So who is Mark Jewell?
Well in addition to being one of the most compelling speakers on the planet, he is also the founder of The Efficiency Sales Professional Institue, a world renowned energy consultant, and one of the best sales trainers I have ever met. Put all that together with the Honeywell portfolio of energy saving controls and what do you get? A combination that allows Honeywell systems integrators to sell more projects that make their customers more energy efficiency. Thanks Mark and Honeywell for three days well spent.

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