Smart Building Control is a Global Game: New Products from Facilio

Over the last several years, Ken and I have noticed and reported, the influx of new smart building control players from Silicon Valley. This year, at RealComm|IBcon, we were amazed at how many smart building providers from around the world showed up with noteworthy smart building solutions.

One such example is Facilio. We had the pleasure of interviewing Facilio’s Rajavel Subramanian at RealComm|IBcon’s New Product Launch Pad. Facilio combines the flexibility facility managers and technicians want with the receptiveness and experience occupants need. It uses IoT and Machine Learning to help you stay on top of your building operations, sustainability performance, workforce efficiency and occupant comfort, all together in real-time.

So to me, a couple of key take aways are their use of machine learning and their ability to serve up culled information to mobile apps. Watch the video amd let me know what you think.

One thing is for sure, the smart building controls world is shrinking and with more players and more products, it is more important now than it has ever been to stay informed. As my teacher Marshall Thurber says, “Nothing is obvious to the uninformed.”

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