So What is Digital Mindfulness and Why Should You Care

So what is digital mindfulness?

I believe it is a dynamic, ever changing concept, that mirrors the evolution of technology, people, and buildings. According to the digital mindfulness website, “Digital Mindfulness specialises in facilitating innovation around time well spent digitised experiences. Through our current areas of focus; Digital Wellness, Digital Transformation, and Technology Design we facilitate the creation of time well spent digitised experiences for the benefit of businesses and people around the world.

Digging deeper,

we turn to the experts in the field, and invite you to check out the Digital Mindfulness Podcast, and one of the pioneers in this field, Lawrence Ampofo, his podcast is quickly becoming one of my favorites and I believe his explorations into this new realm will become relevant to the smart buildings controls community.

Listen, as Lawrence interviews Ken Sinclair. Among other things, they discuss the potential for buildings to become digitally mindful and more aware of the humans that inhabit them. Buildings have a profound impact on human psychology, productivity and wellbeing and the technology that inhabit them are critical in shaping the way we live, work, and play.

I believe that this movement will affect the smart building controls players and how we do business in the future. What to do with this information and how to use it now………. I don’t have a clue. But I am pretty sure we need to be mindful of it.

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