Take a look at KMC Controls! KMC Commander IoT & Automation Platform Leads the Way!

Connect IoT Devices and Sensors: Open & Scalable IoT Platform

KMC Commander is an open, secure, and scalable IoT platform that businesses can use to optimize processes and increase efficiency. Using the Dell Edge Gateway 3000, you can connect to building systems and devices easily and securely. The devices are then quickly discovered, profiled and tagged for easily data collection. The gateway then initiates contact with the cloud, running on AWS, and makes the data available for remote viewing and controlling.

Make the most of IoT technology with existing devices and sensors, then expand capabilities with new technologies. KMC Commander connects both legacy systems and modern equipment to the Internet—virtually anything that communicates over BACnet Ethernet, BACnet IP, BACnet MS/TP, SNMP, or Modbus TCP protocols. Plus, it easily scales from a single device to a portfolio of buildings.


  • Track, trend, and trigger IoT data
  • Multiple device protocols supported
  • Easily set up alarms and notifications
  • Cellular capability available
  • Cloud service powered by AWS
  • Open API
  • Over a dozen built-in cybersecurity features
  • Simple, clean, responsive HTML5 interface
  • Set up internal and external users with different permissions
  • KMC CommanderTM is built on the Dell® Edge Gateway series with Intel® Inside
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