The Easy Way to Move and Use Data in a Smart Building

Data, data everywhere! Big data is in vogue in the building automation and smart buildings controls industry, but like everything else that is new and exciting, there are lot’s of things that have to be dealt with once the initial buzz of excitement is replaced with “how the heck do we implement this?” For one thing, the cost… data might be free, but moving it around and using it can get expensive quickly.

So how does one avoid some of these big data pitfalls? To find out, Ken Smyers, tracked down one of the best big data people in the building automation and smart buildings space, Scott Muench from J2 Innovations. J2 is known for their easy to use graphical and data overlays, and as Scott explains to Ken, with Fin 4, things have gotten even easier and more cost effective. To find out what other big data tips Scott has, including the tagging convention you should insist on having, check out Ken’s interview with Scott.

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