CTP 004 ControlTrends People Takes a Deep Dive into the Life of Automation Integrated’s Chris Favre

On this episode of ControlTrends People, the life stories of the great people in the building automation controls industry,that make smart buildings smart, we learn about Automation Integrated’s Chris Favre. Chris is the Executive Vice President at Automation Integrated. Automated Integrated is based in Oklahoma City, but as a true master systems integrator and co-winner of the 2015 ControlTrends System Integrator of the Year Award, work on Smart Buildings projects all over the world.

chris-farveAs we will learn from Chris’s story success is not an accident. Good things happen to good people who work hard, have faith and persevere hard times. Hear about Chris’s early childhood living through hurricanes in southern Mississippi, the lessons his dad taught him that guided him through several careers including a stint as a DJ. Hear the values that make AI the successful company it is today, including the 11th Commandment which is one of the corner stones of the AI way.

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