Episode 328 ControlTalk NOW features special guests Albireo Energy’s CEO, Phil Rogers and Lynxspring’s Marc Petock

Interview with Albireo Energy's CEO, Phil Rogers, begins at Minute 20:00: "Customers demand more technology with less friction."

Great insights into the massive Warner Media Hudson Yards project (101 stories) and the starting point when pursuing Master Systems Integrator status. It begins with an in-depth gap analysis. Lots more! Don’t miss.

Tridium Technical Bulletin Alert: Please Update Your Niagara Software: QNX Vulnerabilites. Summary: Two vulnerabilities have been discovered in the QNX operating system images distributed by Tridium.

The new compact VP140 Pressure Independent Control Valve provides accurate flow under varying load conditions, with a patented cartridge for robust performance and reduction in energy usage while increasing occupant comfort.

Industry oracle Ken Sinclair: “Our internet communication connections with everything are under metamorphic change. They are morphing before our eyes to glass and thin air, “Fiber” and “Wireless” from the traditional miles of copper wire.” Read more!

Alberio Energy Master Systems Integrators: Unlock the Value of Your Work Environment.  Smart buildings benefit the people who occupy them, which in turn produce significant positive impact to your customer and employee experience and the company’s bottom line.

In case you missed it...

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