Johnson Controls Announces Discontinuation of FX-PCV1610, FX-PCV1620, and LP-FXVMA Series Controllers

Johnson Controls
Johnson Controls
Date: September 16, 2013
Announcing: Discontinuation of FX-PCV1610, FX-PCV1620, and LP-FXVMA Series Controllers
From: Facility Explorer Product Management
Released To: North American Authorized Building Controls Specialists (ABCS)
Description: At FX-PC Series Programmable Controller Family Release 6.0, Johnson Controls released the FX-PCV1615, FX-PCV1630, and FX-PCV1832 Programmable VAV Box Controllers. These new controllers are replacements for previous generations of VAV box controllers and provide additional features and functionality. As a result, Johnson Controls is discontinuing the following VAV box controllers:

• FX-PCV1610-0
• FX-PCV1610-0G
• FX-PCV1620-0
• FX-PCV1620-0G

Advantages of New FX-PCV Models. Please review the following reasons for the discontinuation of the FX-PCV1610, FX-PCV1620, and LP-FXVMA Series VAV box controllers:

• The FX-PCV1615 and FX-PCV1630 serve as functional replacements for the FX-PCV1610, FX-PCV1620, and LP-FXVMA models, and include more features and advantages.
• The new features include additional universal inputs, a bidirectional digital pressure sensor, a smaller size, and the ability to use analog sensors for a lower installed cost.
• The new models offer more competitive pricing.

Table 1: Related Documentation
Document Title LIT or Part Number
FX-PC Series Programmable Controllers and Related Products Product Bulletin LIT-12011657
FX-PCV1610 and FX-PCV1620 VAV Controllers Catalog Page LIT-1900672
FX-PCV16 Variable Air Volume Controllers Installation Instructions Part No. 24-10143-179, Rev. A

Replacement Ordering Information
Table 2: Replacement Product Codes
Discontinued Product Code Replacement Product Code
FX-PCV1610-0 FX-PCV1615-0
FX-PCV1610-0G FX-PCV1615-0G
FX-PCV1620-0 FX-PCV1630-0
FX-PCV1620-0G FX-PCV1630-0G
LP-FXVMA11-1C FX-PCV1832-0
LP-FXVMA14-1C FX-PCV1630-0

Discontinuation Schedule
Table 3: Discontinuation Dates
Discontinued Product Series Discontinuation Date
FX-PCV1610 and FX-PCV1620 October 1, 2013
LP-FXVMA11 and LP-FXVMA14 January 1, 2014

Chris Lane
Sr. Product Manager – Facility Explorer

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