John Sublett, Tridium CTO, Presents What’s Next for Tridium

Presenting what’s next for Tridium. The Niagara Framework® is quickly becoming the operating system of the Internet of Things (IoT). Niagara gives disparate devices and systems a common language, enabling things to connect and communicate across the enterprise. Niagara is machines talking to machines talking to you — an IoT architecture that, at present, sits in the middle tier between the device level and the cloud, where integrations and local applications happen. To better understand the IoT, and why we’re extending our reach within it, be sure to watch this video. Tridium’s CTO John Sublett presents an insider’s view of how we’re unifying our IoT architecture. John will guide you through: What the IoT means; What’s next for Tridium; and more!

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