Seven Things Every Director Should Know About IT Security: Lynxspring’s Connect & Protect

cyber-pro-200Author: Bob Mealey, Chief Business Development Officer, Lynxspring, Inc.

Given the fallout from recent high profile cyber security incidents, which have resulted in losses of billions of dollars, countless numbers of lawsuits, brand erosion and loyalty, the loss of customer trust, the resignation of key executives and even the call for the ouster of most of the company’s board members, it should come as no surprise that cyber security is now top of mind for most corporate executives. Cyber security is now the number one concern in the corporate boardroom.

If cyber security is not front and center on your radar, it better get there quick. Cyber risk’s pervasive nature presents threats to the operation, reputation and bottom line of virtually every company, regardless of industry. The priority that directors and board members have on cyber security and protection reflect this new real world reality. Learn more from this article entitled “Seven things every director should know about IT security”.

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