Tridium Announcement: Introducing a Leap Forward for the JACE 8000

New IO solution adds power and offers straightforward migration path.

JACE® 8000 IO R is now available. Supported by Niagara 4.3, the new IO R enhances the JACE 8000 by providing a direct connection to simple sensor and device inputs and outputs remotely located up to 4,000 feet (1,200 metres) away. This new capability will allow you to monitor, control, schedule and analyze your building assets like never before.

Among the many exciting features of the new IO R is an updated NDIO to NRIO conversion tool for easy migration of your existing system, and programmable default states for analog and digital outputs. Improve your system by connecting the IO R with your sensors, devices and assets, and create intelligence.

The new IO R makes the JACE 8000 more powerful and your migration path straightforward. More information can be found in the materials available for download.

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