BAScontrol20 BACnet/IP Sedona Controller Instrumental in Providing SCADA Simulation

ccontrols_basremotewithsedonaOctober 2015 — Jon Vietti, a DDC Controls Consultant/Specialist at, was recently hired by Walla Walla Community College to create a SCADA simulator that provides remote monitoring and control of the college’s Amatrol Process Control System trainer. A BAScontrol20 BACnet/IP Sedona controller was critical to the task.

Providing students with the capability to earn an Associate’s Degree in Plant Operations, the Walla Walla Community College has an extensive program which teaches students the necessary skills to excel in their chosen career path. The college offers a variety of degrees within the program including a Certificate in Bioenergy Operations, an Associate in Applied Arts and Sciences degree in Plant Operations and a Certificate in Biomass Feedstock Management among others.

To create the SCADA simulator, Vietti used a Contemporary Controls’ BAScontrol20 to integrate an Amatrol T5552 Level and Flow Process Control Learning System with a JACE located in one of his PT-121 portable training units. Read the complete October Control Network News Letter.

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