Control Trends Academy Member, and 2012 Awards Presenter Scott Cochrane

My good friend Scott Cochrane, from Cochrane Supply, dropped by to see us on his way to speaking at the WECC. Scott, in addition to being a ControlTrends Academy member is one of the brightest people in building automation controls and systems integration. Click here to hear my 2009 interview with Scott.

Scott, who was an early pioneer of using the Niagara Platform as a way to open up and integrate building automation control systems, is leading the way in a new use for the Niagara platform: using Niagara as a data aggregator. The trend he has spotted is the need for “BIG DATA”, and in his ingenious way, Scott has positioned the Niagara Platform as a low cost/high performance solution.
Scott, will be a presenter at the 2012 ControlTrends Awards, so register to vote and come see Scott in Dallas.

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