ControlTrends People: Laura Kevitt

Meet Laura Kevitt! Laura, heads up national accounts for Honeywell’s ECC Building Automation Group. But as those of us who are lucky enough to have worked with Laura know, she is a technical virtuoso on Honeywell Access and Building Automation Controls. Laura is the control pro’s pro and I was fortunate to catch up with her in Atlanta.

Laura, along with fellow Honeywell team members, Larry Andrinuas, Roger Rebennack, and Rob Anderson compete with the Industry’s best for the coveted ControlTrends PID Award. As a former leader of the Honeywell WEBS squad Laura finds herself on the Controltrends Awards nomination ballot for the 2014 Controltrends Best Technical Support Person ( Large Manufacture). Laura along with Steven Haynes, Roger Rebennack, John Hutchey, Jeff Lehman, Michael Hines, and Lou Jones will try to bring home the trophy for Honeywell.

Good luck to Laura and the rest of the team from Honeywell! Be sure to cast your nomination votes by clicking here.

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