EASYIO and TRIDIUM — A Powerful Partnership in Building Automation Systems


Utilizing the combined power of the two leading disruptors in the BMS industry will help you deliver all your customer needs and differentiate you in the market versus your competitors – EasyIO & Tridium, the industry disruptors.

With clear benefits for you in designing the smartest buildings with reduced engineering, easy and cost effective install, long term return on investment and solution longevity, and flexibility in integrating technologies and solutions your clients have wanted for a long while… it can only make sense to lead from the front.

With a 19-year relationship of delivering only the best to our customers, EasyIO and Tridium has to be the choice for your Smart Building, IoT and future proofed BMS requirements.

Key and important details for your consideration: 

  • Tridium and EasyIO Stock is available and can be with you the next day
  • EasyIO haS a comprehensive series of Legacy drivers that will support all your integration needs
  • Tridium N4 Certified TCP training schedule to be released soon

Please contact sales@easyio.eu or easyio.pro for a new and up to date Tridium and Legacy Driver pricelist.

For competitive prices and great service the HVAC and building automation control pros trust Stromquist @ Company

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