Episode 2: Control Networking Conversations with Varun Nagaraj

We are super excited to welcome back Varun Nagaraj with Episode 2 of Control Networking Conversations. Varun, who is the CEO of Sierra Monitor, has a knack for taking the complex and explaining the technical aspects of Building Automation Controls Networking in an easy to understand manner. If you saw Episode 1 of Control Networking Conversations you know what I mean.
Ken and I are very grateful to Varun for taking the time to help educate our ControlTrends Community.
In Episode 2, Varun explains the business aspects of using IoT and information from Networking devices, like those sold at Sierra Monitor, to truly differentiate your product or Smart Buildings offering.
In today’s competitive business environment, Varun offers some great concepts and strategies for creating more value.
Great job Varun ! We look forward to Episode 3.
If you have a Control Networking question for Varun, please email it to us at controltrends@gmail.com. Also be sure to check out all the cool products Varun and his team make by clicking here.
A special thanks to Varun and Sierra Monitor for their 2015 ControlTrends Awards Platinum Sponsorship! If you like what you see form Varun and Sierra Monitor, please consider nominating them for a 2015 ControlTrends Award by Clicking here.

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