Episode 334 ControlTalk NOW features our Interview with Automated Buildings’ Editor and Celebrated Futurist, Ken Sinclair

Interview with Ken Sinclair, owner/editor of Automated Buildings. Our industry's most celebrated futurist reviews his October theme, Building Backbone and Wireless Skin, and previews the November theme, Sharing Data, Work-Space, Interaction, and Integration.

Excerpt from Ken’s October editorial: “Our Wireless Skin, when connected to the urban and global airways that collide with the world of mobility data from the smart city and our buildings, must be seamlessly not seemlessly. Read more.

AHR Expo Show Management today announced the winners of the 2020 AHR Expo Innovation Awards competition. Hosted annually by the AHR Expo, products in 10 industry categories are recognized for their innovative contribution to HVACR. 

Join us to learn the basics of airside economizing and why the Belimo ZIP Economizer™ is the obvious choice. We will discuss the benefits of economizing, current industry codes and standards.

In the technology world, it doesn’t matter what you’re building or who will use it, the user experience and interface is of utmost importance. If users can’t figure out how to navigate your product and/or don’t have a positive experience, they will never realize its full capabilities, and you will risk losing customers.

In case you missed it...

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