Honeywell New Products Launch: Simplify With Sylk Technology!

Honeywell 180x120 Do More – Faster. Cutting installation and setup time increases gross profit per man, per day, per job. Using long lasting, quality equipment adds even more profit by reducing callbacks. Honeywell is pleased to put it all in your hands with Spyder® controllers with Relays, Stryker™ CVAHU, Sylk™ I/O and Zio® Lite Wall Modules.

Spyder Tool 6.0 Honeywell has released the latest version of the Spyder Tool. Version 6.0 can be used to program the following products which are available now. Learn More

Zio Lite Wall Modules
Expand your sensing options with just one unit — all with easy two-wire installation.
•Compatible with Spyder Sylk-enabled controllers
•Win more bids by reducing installation time and using models with only the features you need
•Choose any sensing combination of temperature, humidity and CO2
•Available with or without a display
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Spyder Controller with Relays
Now there’s no need to install relays between the controller and the equipment.
•Cut installation time
•No need to install extra relays
•Now works with the Sylk Zelix actuator and C7400S sylk enthalpy sensors – enabling you to do more with the power of Sylk!
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Sylk I/O Module
Expand Spyder’s reach by 8 – 12 points.
•Use the existing controller’s wire sheets for programming
•Local or remote installation
•Only two wires needed between the Sylk I/O module and the Spyder Controller
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Stryker CVAHU
Reduces installation time because there is no need for custom programming.
•Works with discharge air, humidity, CO2 and lighting applications
•Configurable with Zio and Zio Plus
•Accessory loops allow for unused I/O to handle other jobs
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