Honeywell’s LCBS-T — Simple, Efficient, Future-Ready HVAC Control!

When it comes to HVAC system control, different customers have different needs. With more than a century of building control experience and the resulting unmatched breadth of product, Honeywell gives our partners the flexibility to deliver the right solution to their customers every time.

As a continuation of this product breadth strategy, we are pleased to announce that we will be making our LCBS-T Commercial Economizing Thermostat available as a stand-alone product with tools to help you sell to your customers. Many of our LCBS Partners have been using this product independently as it allows them to fulfill the immediate requirements of their entry level commercial customers while at the same time providing unparalleled expansion and flexibility options for the future on the easily configured LCBS platform.

LCBS-T is designed for customers who want a simple, efficient way to save on energy costs. More than just a competitive commercial thermostat, LCBS-T is the base of an expandable platform that seamlessly integrates with a wide variety of HVAC field devices or a cloud gateway with no rewiring required. It’s ready to grow as your customers’ needs and expectations change.

Contact us to find out how LCBS products can benefit you with satisfied customers and more business through add-on sales. From the simple to the complex, there’s an LCBS solution to meet your customers’ needs. Learn More.

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