Terry Pierson Introduces Johnson Controls’ New 3-Phase Power Meter!

Terry Pierson, Global HVAC Products, introduces Johnson Control’s new 3-phase power meters needed to verify energy savings and added value after retrofits. Energy meters provides the necessary data to optimize energy strategies like optimal chiller sequencing, as well as tenant billing, and sub-metering applications. Gather up the following information: currents to be measured, secondary amps, CT ratio, voltage, P = IV (Power = Current X Voltage), fuses, and disconnects — and head to your nearest Johnson Controls distributor and start metering and saving, today.

The Generation Y reference pertains to the Sunday presentation: The Next Generation of the Global Workforce” A study of GEN Y, the modern workforce born between 1980 and 2000, who are more loyal to individuals than they are to organizations. More on GEN Y in a future post.

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2 Responses

  1. How much, & can it also operate as a sequencer to check voltage & amp, & phase reversal especially?

  2. Thanks for taking interest in this new energy monitoring solution from Johnson Controls!

    For any pricing inquiries I recommend contacting your nearest Johnson Controls distributor or representative.

    This portfolio of meters is meant for measurement of electrical parameters for both real & reactive power. It is not intended to directly operate as a sequencer for equipment, but the information provided by these meters can be integrated into building automation systems that can enable facility managers to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings by verifying electrical demand and/or consumption savings by control techniques such as equipment sequencing to lower overall power demand upon building start-up . It’s much easier to manage what you can measure!

    Now to answer your second question: These models do not detect phase reversal. Is this a capability you would like to see in future models?

    The views expressed in this post reflect my own & are not necessarily representative of the views of my employer, Johnson Controls.

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