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New Cyber Security Solution that Enhances Protection of Building and Energy Management Systems Now Available. LYNX CyberPRO™ is Industry’s First Cyber Protection Solution for Building Automation, Energy Management and Building Environments.

LYNX CyberPRO is the industry’s first cyber-threat protection solution designed specifically to enhance the protection of commercial building automation and energy management systems. LYNX CyberPRO was developed by Lynxspring, a recognized leader in open platform technology and device-to-enterprise integration solutions for Building Automation, Energy Management and Equipment Control, in conjunction with Netop, a leader in secure remote software solutions used by half of the Fortune 100 companies.

PR_Newswire LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo., Oct. 29, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — In response to the increasing rise of cyber threats, network compromises and vulnerabilities directed at building and energy management systems and to further reinforce the cyber protection of these systems, Lynxspring and Netop today announced the immediate availability of LYNX CyberPRO™, a new cyber protection solution for building, facility and energy management systems.

Incorporating industry proven IT security technology and practices along with real-time building operations and control methods, LYNX CyberPRO hardens the corporate firewall by removing exposed devices and ports from the public Internet. It reinforces the perimeter defense and creates additional layers of continuous protection and prevention for the devices and systems across a building network by securing, managing, controlling, tracking and monitoring account access and activities.

The negative consequences cyber incidents directed at building and energy management systems can cause are disruptive and potentially catastrophic. Such events may impact occupant productivity and personal safety, disrupt critical processes, and shut down business operations entirely. The social implications can be as equally devastating with negative publicity and loss of customer confidence while the financial ramifications may be compounded with lawsuits and equipment replacement and repair.

LYNX CyberPRO is non-disruptive, simple to install and operate and does not require any changes or enhancements to existing networks. The solution supports leading building automation protocols using TCP/IP networks, open and legacy systems and can be accessed anywhere without exposing building system devices to the public Internet on a full-time basis. LYNX CyberPRO also ensures rapid and reliable remote connectivity while simultaneously reducing attack surfaces. LYNX CyberPRO is scalable and can be deployed within existing buildings or new construction in a single and multi-facility environments.

“LYNX CyberPRO is an innovative security solution designed to address the increasing number of cyber threats facing the building automation and energy management industry.” said, Kurt Bager, CEO, Netop. “In combination with an easy-to-install hardware component, the service eliminates the ability for potential hackers to discover a company’s building automation system while providing reliable and secure remote access to devices and applications for authorized personnel and external vendors.”

For building owners and facility management, LYNX CyberPRO promotes in-depth defense from the enterprise level to the device level. It creates an additional layer of security for building automation and energy management systems without compromising the ability to access them. LYNX CyberPRO also creates trusted-user access to these systems with multifactor authentication and allows authorized users including third-party contractor’s secure remote access to approved devices with auditable access logs.

For IT managers, LYNX CyberPRO provides for a secure connection through high encryption and authentication via distinct checkpoints. It reduces the number of devices exposed to the public Internet, creates secure remote access without firewall exceptions or special configurations and restricts device connectivity to authorized devices on the network.

For system integrators and service provider, LYNX CyberPRO supports both existing buildings and new construction-single or multi-facilities and creates an additional layer of security for building and energy systems without compromising the ability to access them. It also makes it easier to detect and prevent security incidents.

“Cyber related issues are continuing to play a growing role within building and energy management systems. They are not immune to attacks. All it takes is a single breach to cause a serious issue.” states Terry Swop, President and CEO of Lynxspring. “LYNX CyberPRO combines a solid foundation of proven cyber protection technology and best practices in building and energy management systems that strengthens the cyber protection of these systems.”

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About Lynxspring: Lynxspring is changing the way devices and systems communicate and collaborate across enterprises. Our technologies enable users to manage and operate their facilities and equipment smarter, safer, more efficiently, and at peak performance levels. Embracing open framework platforms, Lynxspring designs, manufactures and distributes JENEsys®, brand Internet based automation infrastructure technology and device-to-enterprise integration solutions for Building Automation, Energy Management, Cyber Security, Equipment Control and other Specialty applications. More information is available at:


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