Optergy’s P864 Edge Controller Provides Smart Energy Monitoring and Control

Introducing the P864 Edge controller that operates building equipment autonomously and expands up to 8 IO modules total (144 hardware points). Connectivity is made easy via BACnet IP (PoE), MS/TP, and MS/ TP routing. Applications include HVAC, central plant, lighting and hydraulic systems control and monitoring.

When coupled with Optergy’s software and 50 built-in applications, contractors have a complete solution for Smart Controls, Smart Metering, Utilities billing, Afterhours Billing, Automated Reporting, Live Dashboards and Foyer Displays.

Optergy’s built-in applications reduces engineering costs and enables contractors to offer value added solutions at a competitive price.

Optergy ensures you stay ahead of the game.

With only 3 physical parts to stock the P864 can transform from a unitary controller to a VAV controller to a plant controller all with a fraction of the price of commercially available choices.

For competitive prices and great service the HVAC and building automation control pros trust Stromquist @ Company

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