The New Dialogue in Smart Buildings, Marc Petock, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Lynxspring

Published in Linkedin on September 27, 2018. Commercial real estate operators and building owners are adapting to the change in building automation technology that is occurring in the industry. Innovation has reshaped how we manage, operate and interact with our buildings and facilities. Connected systems, data and analytics is broadening our conversation in the world of smart buildings — engaging not only facility operators in the discussion, but the C-Suite as well.

Today, most have embraced the fact that technology is the game changer and is the cornerstone of operating buildings as an economic model. As the technology surrounding engineering design and energy management systems have evolved, so has the dialogue around smart buildings. Driven by digital transformation and a change in value propositions; changes in the role of facilities are shifting to create healthy, safe and productive environments.

A few years ago, the dialogue focused on energy, efficiency and lower operating costs.

So, what about now? What is the dialogue and conversations that are making their presence felt within our buildings and workplaces? How has it changed?

The following is a then vs. now comparison outlining how the dialogue has changed. While I am sure additional items may be added, this presents some of the important evolution that has occurred in the industry. Click here to see complete list!

As the landscape for smart buildings has evolved, so has the speak.

The dialogue today is no longer about the potential — rather it is about the reality of economics through driving operational value and business outcomes. The business of smart commercial buildings and facilities is moving beyond fear of the unknown and into a new era of empowerment.

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