Will The KMC Commander Be The Smart Buildings Controls Game Changer?

Will the KMC Commander be a Smart Buildings Controls Game Changer?
To find out the answer to this question, our Rob Allen, chats with KMC’s Richard Newberry at the KMC Controls 2015 Business Conference. Richard is the Chairman and advisor to the KMC Board of Directors.
Listening to Richard speak, it is no wonder KMC Controls is known for their innovative Building Automation and Smart Buildings Controls.
Every great company has a great mission. Ricard explains that KMC’s mission is to “provide innovative, intuitive building automation and Smart Buildings Controls solutions from responsive and supportive people.”
Richard tells Rob how the KMC Commander was developed and about the unique partnership with KMC, Dell and Intel.
It is a major contender in what Ken Smyers and I call the “Race to The Small Space.”
Richard explains it is the only open building automation and Smart Buildings control system that is “open, secure, and scaleable.”
From what we can see,in addition to meeting KMC mission requirements, the KMC Commander should be a Smart Building Controls game changer.

To learn more about KMC Controls, and find a smart buildings controls provider, click here to visit their website. If you are in Georgia, the team at Stromquist & Company can take care of your KMC controls needs. It Pittsburgh, Ken and Dave Smyers can hook you up with all your Building Automation and Smart Building Controls needs.

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