Contemporary Controls’ Modbus Profile Builder Software for the BASgatewayLX is Now Available!

CC_BLDGPROF5November 2014 — The BASgatewayLX uses a csv (comma separated value) file that is uploaded to it to provide the modbus point list that will be polled. Contemporary Controls builds these Modbus maps and posts them on our BASgatewayLX profile page. If you need a Modbus that is not currently on line please contact us, and we will enjoy creating it for you.

There have been situations especially with PLC implementers where a defined map is not applicable. For example when we develop a Modbus map for a specific boiler model, those Modbus points are always the same for the identical boiler model. In PLC applications the logic developer defines what values will be assigned to which Modbus points. For every job the point mapping may be unique. We can still build the map, but many times the PLC developer will build their own since the point mapping may be a last minute decision.

So to support this type of customer requirement and also to support the BAS implementer who may only need a few points we offer the Modbus Profile Builder_a.xls file. The software is available on our BASgatewayLX profile page as is a link to the “how to use” explanation video.

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As always, if you have questions please contact us.

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