J2 Cool Feature of the Month: FIN Mobile Basics: Commanding Points

J2_FinbuilderFIN Mobile Basics: Commanding Points. FIN Mobile now makes commanding points even more convenient. All you have to do is set up a nav containing your FIN project files. Launching FIN Mobile brings up a points list containing all of the points that where used in selected FINp. The points list allows you to view and command any point without having to load up the graphic, enabling a quick and effective user experience.

Our final training for the year is in beautiful Sunny California, and will be held December 10th – 12th. It is a 2 1/2 day training that will get you up to speed on how to use FIN Builder. You will learn how to create a complete a job with AHUs, VAVs, 3D Central Plant, Dashboards and Floorplans. Also learn how to make it work for tablets, and smart phones too! Don’t forget to reply to this email right now if you are interested – seats are filling up fast!

The Controls Trends Awards finalists have been announced! This year we are honored to receive three nominations: Best Building Automation Graphic Tool of the Year – FIN Builder, and the Best Building Automation Application of the Year – nHaystack, and for Best Technical Support of the Year – J2 Innovations Team, HVAC Controls Executive of the Year – Jason Briggs. Be sure to register to vote so you are ready to cast your ballot when the fun begins!

A Haystack webinar is scheduled for 11AM ET, on Tuesday Nov 12, 2013. J2 Innovations will be presenting nHaystack and the basics of tagging up a Niagara station. Click here for more details and sign up!

nHaystack is a software module that enables external applications to get data out of Niagara stations quickly and efficiently. Once a system is tagged many new and exciting things become possible. Imagine graphic pages that auto generate based on the meaning of the data by reading the tags, or summary screens that “just work” as a result of the queries. Now analytics and rules engines can easily be run against a nHaystack station to dynamically find operational inefficiencies and help perform continuous commissioning.

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