Ken Sinclair’s December Edition of Automated Buildings “Building Wireless Inside Out”

"Wireless connectivity - We cannot see it, feel it, hear it, smell it, touch it, but when it is not available, we are not available and our productivity is immobilized, we will move toward a source of better connectivity."

Ken Sinclair delivers another outstanding assessment of the BAS industry: Ken’s world according to wireless. “Prior to attending CoRE TECH I wrote this review Building Wireless Inside Out please give it a read and one of my main reasons for going to the event in San Jose was to better understand what it was I was writing about wireless.  These presentations helped provide clarity. Thank you CoRE Tech.”

More Great December Articles:

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Marc Petock, Lynxspring, Inc.  Editor

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Chris Irwin, J2 Innovations

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John Petze, SkyFoundry

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Scott Cochrane, Cochrane Supply Editor

KNX as the future standard for the USA
Philip R. Juneau, ATC

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Oleksandr Zdir, Global Control 5

How Estimating is Like a Relay Race
Hector Hernandez, Cube-USA

Challenging The Status Quo
Prabhu Ramachandran, Facilio Inc.

The Living, Breathing, Thinking, Learning
James McHale, Memoori

From iPhone to iBuilding
Nicolas Waern, The Building Whisperer Editor

B2C and B2B Marketing are Converging
Kim Salzer, Chief Outsiders

Digital-first Real Estate
Nicolas Waern, The Building Whisperer Editor

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