Neptronic Introduces Multi-App TUCB24 Wall Mount Universal Controller

NeptronicMulti Exciting news from Neptronic!

The TUCB24 is a universal wall-mount controller with built-in temperature sensor and scheduler. The unit is designed for simple and accurate control of a heat pump or other heating/cooling equipment. Its field configurable algorithms enable versatile implementation of required control sequences.

The TUCB24C6X2 also provides an external humidity sensor input for simple and accurate humidity control and provides a dehumidification sequence compensated by auto activation of reheat output.

• 2 Configurable binary inputs
• 2 Configurable analog inputs (0-10Vdc, sensor 10KΩ, dry contact)
• 6 Configurable binary outputs (dry contacts 24Vac, 1A, max. 3A in-rush)
• 2 Configurable analog outputs (0-10Vdc adjustable)

Wall Mount Unit Controller Features
• Applications: Heat pump, humidity control, CO2 alarms, or general unit controller
• Fan control: 1, 2, or 3-speed (auto/on), or analog (ECM)
• External humidity sensor input for simple and accurate humidity control
• Dehumidification sequence compensated by auto activation of reheat output
• Configurable inputs and outputs for CO2 sensor and alarm
• Real time clock (RTC) with 24-hour backup
• Precise temperature control with configurable PI (Proportional-Integral) function
• Selectable internal or external temperature sensor
• Anti-freeze protection
• Compressor anti-cycling delay (configurable)
• Low limit set protection (10°C / 50°F)
• Occupancy and night set back (NSB) mode
• Selectable direction on outputs

Network Communication
• BACnet® MS/TP or Modbus communication port (selectable via menu)
• Select MAC address via menu or via network
• Automatic baud rate detection BACnet MS/TP®
• Automatic device instance configuration
• Copy & broadcast configuration via menu or via BACnet to other controllers
• BACnet scheduler (up to 8 events per day)
• Firmware upgradeable via BACnet
• Supports COV (change of value)

• Modbus @ 9600, 19200, 38400, or 57600 bps
• RTU Slave, 8 bits (configurable parity and stop bits)
• Connects to any Modbus master

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