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SkySpark in the News

With deployments across a wide range of applications, SkySpark continues to be recognized as both a leading edge software platform for IoT applications, and a leading data analytics solution for fault detection & diagnostics and energy management. The articles, research papers and DoE reports highlighted below demonstrate the financial results attainable as organizations use SkySpark to transition to data-driven facilities management.


Here is a quote from the research paper: “IoT PLATFORM INNOVATORS – After reviewing and analyzing over 200 so-called IoT and related data and analytics platforms, we have found that there is a distinct minority of true platform innovators in the marketplace. Leading and innovative examples of players working on next generation platforms include Skyfoundry…”

You can download the Harbor Research report here

DoE Smart Energy Analytics Campaign, Year One Report Through the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Alliance, with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), and other key organizers, work with industry to encourage and track adoption of EMIS technology used with monitoring-based commissioning (MBCx) and other energy management processes in the commercial buildings sector.

The year 1 report was just issued and includes numerous mentions of SkySpark and projects that used SkySpark. You can access the Smart Energy Analytics Year 1 Summary Report here

Four of the five participants honored at DOE’s Better Buildings Summit used SkySpark. You can find the DoE published Case Studies at the links below:

Energy Performance in a Single Site – Salt Lake City

Best Practice in the Use of EMIS – Sprint in partnership with CBRE | ESI

Largest Portfolio Using EMIS – MGM Resorts International

Innovation in the Use of EMIS – University of California, Davis

For full details on the Smart Energy Analytics program, award winners using SkySpark, and information on how to participate, visit the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign web site here

How Caltech Transformed into an Integrated Facilities Management Organization – Higher Ed Facilities Forum

In this recent article in Higher Ed Facilities Forum, Caltech discusses their transformation to data-driven decision-making within their facilities management organizations and SkySpark’s role in their energy management activities.

You can access the Caltech article here

Excela Latrobe Gets $50,000 Grant to Improve Energy Efficiency

This article published by the Tribune-Review focuses on Excela Health Latrobe Hospital in PA and a $50,000 grant from the West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund for energy efficiency. SkySpark will be a part of this project. Here’s a quote from the article:

“The grant will allow the hospital to install SkySpark analytics software that will monitor energy consumption trends over time, enabling the identification of abnormalities and consistently poor performance, the release said. Incorporating this software will assist our continuous improvement process and enable identification of new energy savings opportunities,” said Dan Robison Excela Health’s facilities director. “SkySpark is crucial to maintain and build upon Latrobe’s previous onsite energy savings of 18 percent.”

Read the Excela Health Latrobe article here

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