The Easy Way to Make The Internet of Things Device Data Just Work!

Data, Data everywhere! As the smart building controls world explodes, and systems become more robust, they consume and need a new type of fuel, DATA! But how do you make this data usable? It is kind of like the problem the United Nations had when they designed the UN. You have all these different participants coming together to work, but they all speak different languages. Nothing gets done until they can understand each other. Without some sort of translator nothing happens.
Take this analogy to Smart Buildings and you begin to understand the power and necessity of Project Haystack. Project Haystack is the translator in buildings that allows data to be understood and used. The best part is it is easy and affordable. So open up your device click on the link below and register for this free webinar. Don’t be the last person on the team to know, register now!

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November 21, 2017 – 17:00 CEST


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  1. Agreed. Data is the future. There’s just so much of it though. I guess for many people, getting the data is just the start…quite a daunting one too, due to the sheer volume.

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