This is how to connect to a Honeywell WebStat

In my first video you saw why the Honeywell WebStat is the perfect open controls solution for smaller buildings (3-20 units). In this video see how to connect to the Webstat. Stay tuned as in our next video on the Honeywell WebStat we will show you how easy it is to setup time of day schedules.

For more information on the Honeywell Webstat you can contact one of the control pros at Stromquist & Company if you are in Georgia or Florida. Viewers in other parts of the country can contact one of our qualified affiliates at Controls Group North America.

Tell us about your experience with the Honeywell WebStat. Be sure to leave a comment including your company website and/or Facebook page in the comments section.

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  1. If you have trouble try using the following on your TCP/IP settings:

    IP address:

    Subnet Mask:



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